Ostala je paralizovana nakon udesa a zatim je postala model

"Nisam poznavala nikoga ko je bio invalid, i mrzela sam činjenicu da ne mogu da hodam nikada više. Prezirala sam svoje slomljeno telo i nosila bih crnu vrećastu odeću i skrivala se kad god bih mogla."

model invalid
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U novembru 1995. model i doktor nauka Kler Friman sa Novog Zelanda vozila se automobilom sa svojom mamom Barbarom i sestrom Beth. Tokom dvočasovne vožnje Barbara, koja sada ima 70 godina, zaspala je za volanom.

Automobil je skrenuo sa puta i tom prilikom se survao u ponor. Kler je zadobila teške povrede kičmene moždine u predelu pršljenova C5 / 6, što je vrsta povrede koja može da dovede do gubitka funkcija celog tela. Kler je helikopterom prevežena u bolnicu u Oklandu, gde je bila smeštena u indukovanu komu tokom dve nedelje borbe za njen život.


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Welcome to the creative process! I’ve included a quick video with this image to give you all an idea of what is involved with compiling my images. Many are not your standard click and post images. There’s a few reasons, first, I am a designer and artist (from my former job) so with help, I compile an image and place it with a message I want to share. In this case, I wanted to communicate the idea that many people view disabled people paternalistically. Often we are treated in a child-like manner. For many, we are asexual ‘tradgedies’ to be looked after and mollycoddled. Feelings of grief, anger, and, sexuality can often be overlooked. One issue I find particularly frustrating is the lack of acknowledgment of the lived experience of trauma and disability. I’ll often discuss equipment I require to help me live a better life only to be told the insurer/therapist has dismissed my needs. When this happens, I’ll often have to come up with my own devices and equipment. Unfortunately, this can get expensive and adds an extra layer of complexity to an already complex life. This image shows a photo of a girl; white, angelic and innocent, yet melting into the image is a graffitied tiger; an icon of strength and power. I saw it and it reminded me of some of the other issues we deal with such as resistance and and the ongoing fight for justice and equality. Since I lost function from the botched surgery, I find painting very difficult and that used to be my creative outlet. Luckily, instagram has provided a platform for that unspent creativity! Thank you all for being a part of my crazy journey and I hope you enjoy a wee background look into my ‘social justice artwork’. #artist #tiger #justice #newzealand #creative #fun #happy #white #christchurch #wheelchair #disabled #quadraplegic #dressingup #cosplay #winter #graffiti

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Morala je da provede godinu dana u bolnici, a dobijala je manje od 10% šanse da preživi. Uprkos sumnjama, uspela je da preživi tri velike operacije ali je uprkos naporima lekara ostala paralizovana od vrata na dole. Nije želela da se preda i od tada, Kler koristi invalidska kolica, a nakon oporavka počela je da se bavi i manekenstvom.

U februaru 2018. godine italijanska modna agencija Iulia Barton angažovala ju je i od tada je stalni „gost“ na modnoj pisti u Milanu na Nedelji mode. Iako sada napreduje, odrastanje sa invaliditetom bilo je teško. Trauma koju je doživela i prikovanost za kolica, prouzrokovala je da je pokušala samoubistvo četiri puta u roku od pet godina.

Dok se oporavljala, Kler je takođe započela studije u Vellingtonu jer nije želela da se vrati u svoj rodni grad Vangarei. Rekla je: „Nikad se nisam vraćala u rodni grad nakon nesreće, bila sam previše ponižena i nisam želela da me iko vidi u invalidskim kolicima. „Osećala sam se kao nakaza. Nisam poznavala nikoga ko je bio invalid, i mrzela sam činjenicu da ne mogu da hodam nikada više. Prezirala sam svoje novo slomljeno telo i nosila bih crnu vrećastu odeću i skrivala se kad god bih mogla.“


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CONFESSION. I’ve lied about why I started this account It started after I had neck surgery. I was confined to bed, depressed and hated my life as the surgeon had botched the surgery and I had lost movement in my hands; hands I needed for the intricate design work I did. I was suicidal and had lost my job so I could barely make my mortgage payments (you can’t sue in NZ). Surfing online, I chanced upon a website for people with my injury. I started talking to a few, including a young boy who had recently had a spinal injury (or so he said). I had been a youth counsellor so thought I could help- it was easier to counsel someone rather than look at my disastrous life. I was then sent an email by the admin of the site warning me of this boy; they told me he was a devotee. Being naive I had no clue what that meant so I googled the term- devotees were men who were attracted to disabled woman…what the f**k? I started an Instagram account to talk to them, to find out what the dealeo was. At first, I was disgusted, then curious, then I met some of them. I realised I had found them creepy as they desired the parts of me I hated. Lightbulb moment. There was my problem. I hated my disabled body. So this account began as bait, I admit. I was the bait, in order to understand a very strange subset of humans. My account has now turned into something different. I hope my account will show disabled women in a different light. We are beautiful, sexy, smart… we are not broken, we are unique. The account has changed tact, it is one girls journey of learning to love herself, through meeting different people, many who have been through trauma. And what of the devotees, lurking in the shadows, stigmatised, most hating their unusual attraction, and often suicidal. I’ll be telling their stories(and mine)for my next procrastination project. So if you’re a dev or a chick like me with your thoughts/stories, flick me a message and let me give you a voice. There’s always different sides to every story, I plan to uncover all sides.. even the scary ones and yes, unfortunately there are those too! #fetish #spinalcordinjury #devotee #newzealand #red #love #wheelchair

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„Odrastanje nakon nesreće bilo je izuzetno teško. Univerzitetski kampus bio je potpuno nepristupačan, a prve tri godine provela sam ne razgovarajući ni sa jednim studentom zbog toga što sam bila izuzetno stidljiva, potištena i posramljena zbog upotrebe invalidskih kolica. “

U godinama od nesreće, Kler je morala da ima i druge operacije, uključujući jednu da bi povezala svoju bešiku sa spoljnom kesom. Ali nakon greške lekara, pala je u komu. Kler je godinama živela nesigurno u vezi s invaliditetom i skrivala se, sve dok jednog dana nije odlučila da otvori Instagram nalog gde je brzo dobila veliki broj pratilaca.


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I was a ‘socially acceptable’ drug addict two months ago. The drugs had all been prescribed to me by health professionals to help with the extreme pain I was experiencing, insomnia and depression. I was also erratic, I took stupid risks and all because inside I felt numb. After a serious health scare involving two drugs that shouldn’t be prescribed together, I took matters into my own hands. I decided to get clean. I slowly weaned myself off most of the drugs, including many opioids and opiates prescribed to address the pain I was experiencing. What I did not anticipate was how I would feel mentally. It hasn’t been easy, but I feel it was worth it. Two months ago, I would visit friends and skulk off to the toilet, guzzling liquid morphine to ‘help’ with the pain and numb my stressed mind. Wellbeing is such a catch phrase, but here I am, on a minimal drug regime with no painkillers, and oddly, I feel really good. Even the pain has greatly diminished despite having a shattered hip from a fall last year. So often, we get caught in the fast food world of drugs. Drugs to help with sleep, pain, spacticity, depression, you name it, I was probably on it. I don’t recognise the girl from two months ago. I’m more sedate, thoughtful, sometimes anxious, but these feelings are ok, they are normal. Feeling unstoppable and immortal led me to some very dark and dangerous places. It may not suit everybody, but for me, it’s been a hellish journey with an unexpected outcome, one where I feel alive, fresh… healthy. In addition to cutting back the drugs, I’ve focused on eating better and gentle exercises, all of which seems to have helped with rediscovering who I am. I am no longer a slave to the drugs, and although I sometimes worry I’ve become ‘boring’, to those who know me, they say the old Claire is back, and this time, I quite like who I am – in my beautifully broken body. #mentalhealth #drugs #opiates #opiods #healthy #exercise #newzealand #disability #spinalcordinjury #wheelchair

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Preko Instagrama povezala sam se s drugima ljudima koju su imali istu povredu i po prvi put se osetila srećno i moj život je imao smisao. „Sakrivala sam se od ljudi, stideći se upotrebe invalidskih kolica, ali sada sebe nazivam preživelim i samo se ponosim ko sam i gde sam. „Moje telo se ne završava mojim mesom, smatram invalidskim kolicima delom mene, baš kao što ljudi kojima je amputiran deo tela osećaju kao da im je proteza deo njihovog tela.“

Kler takođe ima veoma blisku vezu sa svojom mamom, koja se preselila u Velington da bi bila uz nju. „Živela sam najspektakularniji život u mnogim aspektima“, dodala je Kler. „Bilo je mračnih trenutaka, ali oni su me samo ojačali i naučili da idem napred. „Osećam da sam bolja osoba od kada sam doživela ovu povredu. Ne kažem da je lako, da je jednostavno, ali proučavanjem shvatila sam koliko je posla potrebno učiniti u pogledu percepcije društva na osobe sa invaliditetom. „

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